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  • The Human Factor in Aviation
    Begins April 7th

    Whereas some accidents are caused by aircraft failures, others can be traced to psychological or physiological elements, such as pilot fatigue or a mechanic’s complacency. This course will emphasize the following topics: human performance, benefits of training, advanced technology, automation, and situational awareness with the goal of strengthening safety in the aviation environment.

    Aviation 101

    Aviation 101 is Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's premiere free online Introduction to Aviation. The Aviation 101 course will provide you with an introduction to some of the basic topics needed to become a pilot. Using 3-D graphics and high-definition video you will learn about topics like airspace, flight instruments, airplane systems, and much more…
    Fuel your passion for aviation and enroll today!

    About Embry-Riddle

    Founded in 1925 — just 22 years after the Wright brothers’ historical first flight — Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is the world leader in aviation and aerospace education. With residential campuses in Daytona Beach, Florida and Prescott, Arizona — plus more than 150 online learning locations through the United States, Europe and the Middle East — Embry-Riddle is dedicated to producing technologically-focused students who are leaders in their fields.

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